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Where can I charge my car?

SO… YOU HAVE PURCHASED YOUR BRAND NEW ELECTRIC CAR… proudly drove it home, window down, sunglasses on entering the gates onto the communal area leading to your leasehold home glancing around – look at me and my car …. Carefully manoeuvre into you allocated parking space …. Jump out “plug in hand” …. “OK where’s the socket?” We hear the cry!!!

Almost daily now we hear the cry of leaseholders, landlords and managing agents/companies alike – Can we install chargers in the carpark? Why can’t I put a charging unit on my parking space? What do you mean I don’t own my parking space? Can I put a charger in the wall adjacent to my car parking space? Can we install chargers in the communal areas? How do we calculate the electricity charges? Do we need an easement? What happens if the guy next to me has installed a charger on his parking space and is using communal electricity? … and so on and so on…
With the increase in electric and hybrid cars and the push towards ridding ourselves of the huffs and puffs of diesel and petrol engines the question of “Where can I charge my car” both on mixed leasehold/freehold and leasehold sites is one which can no longer be swept under the “carpark”….

The answer is often in the Lease … if your parking bay is within your demise it is possible with the consent of the landlord that a charging unit could be installed on the bay itself … but then how about the power to it? If the parking areas are allocated and not demised and form part of the communal areas then can chargers be installed on the communal parking areas? How then do we monitor the electricity or charge or it and who pays for the installation of the unit. Can the costs be deducted from the service charges? How do we do all of that without breaching the lease terms and ensuring the lease obligations and covenants are observed??? Do we need to vary the leases?

Wouldn’t it be wonderful to say there is a single answer to these questions but unfortunately each development, each lease differs. Yes, there are answers and there are solutions but such require consideration depending nature of the development, the obligations of the landlord/tenant and management company and most importantly the contents of the leases.

Whether leaseholder, landlord or managing agent – If this is a topic of interest or you have issues surrounding the installation of electric charging units within residential developments Adcocks Solicitors Limited’s Enfranchisement and Leasehold Team of specialists will be pleased to discuss the options with you…..

For initial contact ring our Senior Associate and Head of Department – Linda Ball on 01543 442113 or email Linda on

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