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We Now Specialise In Family Law

If you are divorcing, separating, or have a dispute with your partner about children, property, or financial matters it is important that you seek specialist divorce and family law advice. 

Solicitor Kerry Davies, recently joined our team having returned to the Midlands after practising law in the North West for the last 18 years.  Kerry is a specialist in advising on all aspects of relationship breakdown.  Kerry is a member of the Law Society Advanced Family Law Panel and can offer expert advice on all aspects of family life.  At all times, her approach is built around providing professional advice whilst maintaining a sensitive and caring relationship with clients.

We can offer practical advice and support in relation to the following areas:                         

  • Divorce / civil partnership dissolution
  • Domestic violence & injunctions
  • Parental responsibility agreements
  • Pre & Post nuptial agreements.
  • Resolving financial issues arising from your divorce or separation.
  • Resolving issues relating to your children on separation or divorce.
  • Property disputes including Trust of Land Act Applications.
  • Deeds of trust.
  • Change of name.

 We can advise you on all aspects of the case and can guide you through the process of resolving such issues whether you simply want advise on arrangements you have discussed directly with your former partner, to check the fairness of the arrangements proposed, or if you need advice on how to resolve matters with the help of the courts.

If you are not able to resolve matters via discussion with your former partner we can advise on the alternative options available to you from using mediation or a collaborative law approach to negotiations through solicitors and ultimately the court process. We will explain to you the need for disclosure of background/financial information and what factors determine how children/financial cases would be resolved by the court and how different factors could affect your case. We will guide you through the routes available to you and explain how the processes work in jargon free language. We are happy to answer any questions you have no matter how silly the question may seem and can tell you just how big of a problem any skeletons in your closet may cause in anticipated court proceedings.

Ultimately when dealing with children and financial matters we seek to reach an agreement wherever possible in an amicable and costs effective manner. Once agreement is reached the terms can be recorded in a number of ways, deed of trust, separation agreement or by way of a Consent Order if related to finances on divorce.

Once matters have been agreed we can assist you in complying with the terms of any agreement by arranging transfer of assets such as shares or properties, deal with the sale of property on your behalf and guide you as to how pension sharing arrangements may be implemented. We can also point you in the direction of specialists if addition work is needed such as DNA testing, property valuation/auction, pension actuaries and a wealth of other professional whom may be able to offer support in your matter.

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