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The Elusive Freeholder

Did you know that if your house or flat is leasehold and you don’t know the identity or the address of your freeholder, there is a procedure for claiming the freehold or an extended lease, even where the freeholder cannot be found or identified? It is important to know the identity of the freeholder, Not only to exercise any rights you may have to buy the freehold or extend the lease of the flat, but also because a lease with a missing freeholder, does not offer mortgage compliant security to a lender, under the Council of Mortgage Lender Guidelines. And this will cause problems when you come to sell or re-mortgage the property.1284771_81851101

As you know, we specialise in Leasehold Reform Work and this particular area of our work is expanding. We regularly receive instructions from clients to locate the freeholder or to exercise a legal right to have the freehold transferred to them (technically called vesting). And to have an extended lease at a price determined by an Independent Tribunal. We have the skills and experience to help you get round this problem.

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