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Adcocks Solicitors are a law firm based in Lichfield and have been providing residential conveyancing services for many years.


About Our Conveyancing Services

We have handled over 25,000 residential transactions during our 100 year reign and have built a reputation as a provider of an efficient and reliable conveyancing service. We understand that residential transactions can be very stressful. We manage all of our transactions from beginning to end to ensure there are no unnecessary delays. Our charges are fixed on day one meaning you can budget and not worry about any additional costs.

Our team handle all aspects of residential property transactions including:

  • Sales and purchases
  • Re-mortgages
  • Second Charges
  • Land purchases
  • New build homes
  • Part-exchanged properties
  • Equity Release
  • Transfers of Equity
  • Auction sales
  • Buy to Let investments
  • Tenancy Agreements

Why Choose Adcocks?

There are many benefits to putting your trust in Adcocks for your conveyancing needs when moving homes in Lichfield.

Here are some benefits of choosing Adcocks:

100 Years

Adcocks have been providing services to the local Lichfield community for over 100 years and continue to do so to this day, allowing you to take advantage of our teams vast experience.

Lichfield Based

We are based in Lichfield and have been for many years giving us expert understanding of the local property market and helping us to provide a more effecient service for you.

Transparent Fees

We are very transparent about our conveyancing fees and won’t charge you for any work without your prior approval. Our fees are also based on the value of the property.

The Conveyancing Process

Free Consultation

Book a free consultation with one of our residential property specialists based in Lichfield and we will discuss your current situation and how to progress from there.


Once our solicitors have been instructed to proceed with your case we will begin the process of investigating the contract papers and making enquiries on the property.

Exchange Contracts

Once all the enquiries have been completed contracts will be signed and exchanged which allows completion of the transaction to occur.

Our Conveyancing Fees

Our fees are based on the value of the property being purchased or sold, its location, type and whether it is Freehold or Leasehold.

Our policy at Adcocks has always been to provide a first class service. We think that cost should be a secondary consideration when dealing with such a large and complicated transaction, like the purchase or sale of your home. Keeping the costs under control of course is important, but we aim to ensure that our service to you meets your expectations, and that the experience of buying or selling a property will be a pleasurable experience.

All of the fees shown below are provisional until we have had your instructions and considered the details. In the unlikely event that we are unable to predict the indicative fees, we will always agree with you any additional charge before we engage you in the cost.

Sale of Freehold Houses

Sale Price Our Fee Estimated Third Party Payments
Up to £150,000 £750.00 £30.00
£150,001 to £250,000 £775.00 £35.00
£250,001 to £350,000 £800.00 £40.00
£350,001 to £500,000 £950.00 £45.00
£500,001 to £750,000 £1050.00 £45.00

Sale of Leasehold Houses

Sale Price Our Fee Estimated Third Party Payments
Up to £150,000 £900.00 £60.00
£150,001 to £250,000 £925.00 £65.00
£250,001 to £350,000 £950.00 £70.00
£350,001 to £500,000 £1100.00 £75.00
£500,001 to £750,000 £1200.00 £80.00

Sale of Leasehold Flats

Sale Price Our Fee Estimated Third Party Payments
Up to £150,000 £900.00 £60.00
£150,001 to £250,000 £925.00 £65.00
£250,001 to £350,000 £950.00 £70.00
£350,001 to £500,000 £1100.00 £75.00
£500,001 to £750,000 £1200.00 £80.00

Purchase of Freehold Houses (indicative third party payments exclude SDLT)

Purchase Price Our Fee Estimated Third Party Payments
Up to £150,000 £800.00
£150,001 to £250,000 £875.00
£250,001 to £350,000 £950.00
£350,001 to £500,000 £1000.00
£500,001 to £750,000 £1050.00

Purchase of Leasehold Houses

Purchase Price Our Fee Estimated Third Party Payments
Up to £150,000 £950.00
£150,001 to £250,000 £1025.00
£250,001 to £350,000 £1100.00
£350,001 to £500,000 £1150.00
£500,001 to £750,000 £1200.00

Purchase of Leasehold Flats

Purchase Price Our Fee Estimated Third Party Payments
Up to £150,000 £950.00
£150,001 to £250,000 £1025.00
£250,001 to £350,000 £1100.00
£350,001 to £500,000 £1150.00
£500,001 to £750,000 £1200.00

PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL OF THE PURCHASE FEES NOTED ABOVE EXCLUDE STAMP DUTY LAND TAX. The amount of stamp duty land tax you pay will depend upon; a) the value of the property, b) whether the property is freehold or leasehold and c) whether it is your only or main home. We will calculate the amount of the stamp duty land tax for you on enquiry, but please note that the amount will be the same whichever solicitor you choose.

New Houses

The purchase of a new house usually involves further work because there has been no established title enquiries undertaken, and the first registration of the title and enquiries and searches which will not have been done before. To cover this extra work, we make a charge of £200.00 plus VAT to all price bands. We like to ensure that we discuss your initial purchase with you, so we can understand what your aims and objectives are. The above prices are intended to be a guide only. As soon as you have chosen a property, if you give us the details, we will provide a personalised estimate of the costs to include all the likely third party payments, Stamp Duty Land Tax if any and any costs associated with your specific mortgage lender. Whilst the above charges will usually include the cost of acting for your mortgage lender as well, in some cases we are able to reduce the costs for you. For example, if you are having a loan with a Lloyds Banking Group lender, we can offer a discount on our fees mentioned above.

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