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Have you done your Wills lately?

You may have made a Will and think, that there’s nothing more to worry about. Well, you have certainly gone a long way of easing the problems after your death. However, an out of date Will can be more harmful than no Will at all, so it’s essential to make sure you keep it under review. There are many things that can intervene in your life which can affect the wishes you have expressed in your Will. For example, you may be blessed with grandchildren who you didn’t previously have, or more grandchildren than you did have, when you made the Will! Or, perhaps, one of your children has got married and you would like to leave a token legacy to their partner? Or, maybe you might have inherited money, which has increased your wealth since you made the original Will. All of these things can affect how your Will is interpreted, when the day comes to do so. We recommend at least a bi-annual review and earlier if any of the circumstances outlined above or similar circumstances intervene.

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