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Don’t Lose Your House!

IfRow of terraced houses you own a freehold or leasehold property (whether residential or commercial) have you checked that the registered address at the Land Registry is an address to which communications would find their way to you?

We are finding an increasing and disturbing number of cases, where clients have not updated their service address at the Land Registry, especially if they have moved out of the property they owned, and subsequently rented it out. Communications from the Land Registry go to the service address, which they hold and will be regarded as good service even if the letter is returned marked “gone away”. So serious is this problem, that a notice sent to the registered address regarding a claim against the property from a third party, might never find its way to the registered owner, with the dire consequences, in the worst scenario, that the property could be lost to the Claimant (with the increasing incidence of fraud, the problem is only getting worse).

So make sure that your service address at the Land Registry is up to date. Call the Land Registry to confirm it or call us and we will be happy to do it for you, for a modest charge.


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