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A DO IT YOURSELF WILL or cheap online Wills may seem a tempting option but a tiny mistake could prove hugely costly down the line!  The likelihood being that you will not be around to realise the mistake in trying to save a few quid because by the time the matter is revealed you will likely have passed away.  The burden of the cost saving will instead be borne by your beneficiaries and could result in your wishes not being adhered to.

If your Will is incomplete or incorrect, your intended beneficiaries could discover that that they have no entitlement or end up in a lengthy and costly dispute over their share of your Estate. In simple terms, if your Will is not valid when you die, it is likely you will be deemed to have died ‘intestate’ and the Estate will be distributed in accordance with the rules and regulations of intestacy or regard could be given to your previous will, and not in accordance with your own last wishes.  We frequently change wills for clients who seek to exclude a former beneficiary – it is common place for us to hear ‘she does not visit, she never calls, I don’t see why I should leave my money to her..’ Would you want your prior will preferred when you have deliberately sought to exclude a person from benefiting.

There are also a wealth of other matters to be considered in the preparation of a Will such as inheritance tax, digital assets and the possibility of putting funds in trust for younger beneficiaries or children and adults who are physically or mentally incapacitated.  Do you have the expertise to navigate what can feel like shark infested waters?

When it comes to writing a will the team at Adcocks Solicitors Limited will be happy assist you in preparing a Will that best suits your own interests and intentions, leaving you secure in your mind that you have done the best for loved ones, family and friends.

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