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Divorce day – myth or reality?

It is often the case that many solicitors see a surge in enquiries for new divorce matters shortly after Christmas and New Year. Typically people want to get through Christmas without having to upset their children with news of marriage breakdown which could ruin the festivities. This coupled with the added stress that Christmas brings with the financial pressures and struggle to please everyone and the tensions of having to manage extra family members can lead to breaking point.

‘Divorce Day’ as it has become known always falls on the first working Monday of the New Year or the first working day of the new year when solicitors re-open after the holiday shut down. In our case Adcock’s re-open on Tuesday the 4th of January 2022.

Relationships can break down as we know at any time of the year but enquiries tend to peak in January because of New Year’s resolutions and people make decisions to make a change or as one client one told me- she was going on a diet to lose 12 stone- her husband!

Marriage guidance counselling services also typically report increased enquiries at this time of year.
Being cooped up over the holidays and excess Christmas boozing can also see couples clashing and running for the solicitors office. Being ‘locked down’ has as a consequence of Covid19 become the new norm of late so we do wonder if ‘Divorce Day’ 2022 will see the usual surge or shall break the trend given the last 18 months have seen us spending more time with our families than ever before.

If Christmas 2021 is not the magical time you are hoping for and you find yourself in need of advice either before or after the Christmas break we are ready and able to guide you through the process. Call or email to book a free 30 minute chat with one of our team 01543 442100 or 01543 442109 or or

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