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Do you own rental property or any other land or property, other than where you live? Be VERY careful!

Every week we come across cases where our clients own property, but not one at which they live. Quite a common thing these days, after all. However, the danger is that clients forget to change their service address at the Land Registry when they move house – and its easy to forget with everything else to do – and Bob’s your Uncle, it all gets forgotten about. Until, that is, the Land Registry come to serve the registered owner of your property (you!) with a formal notice of claim, for example, by a neighbour or a third party. The Land Registry can ONLY serve you at the address in the title register. And probably that’s an address you may have had years ago. So you don’t get to know about the communication – which generally has a time limit for reply. And in the worst case scenario, you could even lose the ownership of that property.

You just can’t take the risk. Make absolutely sure that you get your address changed. You can have up to three service addresses, including an email address too. We provide an address service for clients (at a small annual charge) and are always happy to provide further initial advice. Call us – or sort it – and keep ownership of your property!

For further information call us on 01543 442100.

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