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An Everlasting Light

It is not always an easy thing to come to terms with, but sadly it’s a statistical fact, that as longevity increases, so does the number of us increase, who will suffer from mental incapacity as we age.

This is a distressing time enough for families to deal with, never mind with the added complication and worry of dealing with financial and property matters as well. In cases where it is just too late to help, only the Court of Protection can offer the solution.

Making a Lasting Power of Attorney clarifies your wishes in the event that the worse happens. You can nominate people who you know and trust, to deal with things for you, in the event that you suffer from mental incapacity later in life. (either due to degenerative issues or catastrophic accident,) so it is never too late to deal with it.

We can help you make a Lasting Power of Attorney for Health and Welfare or Finance, and explain and simplify the procedure for you. Just call us for more details and costs.

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